The 2023 Summer Tour season has concluded.


We were all delighted to return to Mees Observatory for in person tours this summer.


We hosted 18 tours and were able to provide tours (and 67% observing) for three hundred and fourteen guests.


We were gratified to see so many guests eager to join us and send our apologies to those who were unable to obtain reservations.


We send our thanks to those guests who notified us of cancellations in time to offer their spots to others and are always disappointed when guests with reservations simply fail to show up, thereby denying waitlisted guests the opportunity to attend.


Free tours for our guests are offered on selected Friday and Saturday evenings, subject to our capacity and also scheduled around the most favorable Moon phases for observing deep sky objects. Guests will be able to book reservations for the 2024 season starting on or about April 20, 2024.


General Information about tours:


Tours require reservations and are capped at 25 guests per tour. Tour guides are students of Physics/Astronomy at UR and members of ASRAS.


Tours at Mees Observatory includes a welcome and talk at Gannett House, followed by a tour of the Observatory and (hopefully!) observing, on clear nights. Tours begin at 8PM and end around 11PM.


We hope to see you next summer!


Questions? Contact Tours Director Mark Minarich


C. E. Kenneth Mees Observatory, 6604 South Gannett Hill Road, Naples NY 14512